My name is Luke. I am a graphic, 3D, and mograph designer. I currently reside in Breda, the Netherlands.

I graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in 2018 and have a passion for design, art and (electronic) music.

I found my affection for design and electronic music at a very young age. Since then I spent the majority of the time learning and honing my skills.

Challenging myself and trying to create something unique and timeless is always a big goal for me. I'm never afraid to try new things. This can often be seen in my 'Everydays' project.

My love for design doesn't just stay within the music industry. I have worked on multiple projects for a plethora of different people, companies and brands.

A major part of my unique skillset is that I have a very broad design arsenal. Besides doing standard graphic design am a motion designer, 3D designer, web designer, UI designer, programmer, and much more. My goal is being a problem solver. I spend a lot of time trying new tools, methods and I stay on top with the latest trends.


Logos, Graphic design, Branding, Social Media Assets, Motion Design, Art Direction, Web design.


Let me work with you! Send me a mail with your idea :: Luke@TheNoiseTank.com :: or fill in the form below :-)

Some clients I've worked with


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